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The IronCAD Differences:

  • The freedom to design the end in sight.
  • The freedom to choose when and where to apply design intent and constraints.
  • The freedom to change ones mind without having to rebuild the model.
  • The freedom to load anotherís design and modify it without fearing the unexpected.

Improved Design Productivity

  • Drag and Drop - Drag and Drop of basic geometry features from pre-build catalogs allows models to be built faster.
  • In Context Design - Traditional CAD systems create what is called a feature tree that captures the order in which the features were combined to create the model.
  • Single Design Environment - IronCAD only requires a single file which has the ability to support both parts and assemblies seamlessly.
  • Catalogs - Catalogs provide a fast method to quickly apply design components such as Intellishape features, parts, assemblies, textures, animations, etc, to the model by simply using the Windows drag and drop standard interface.

Design Flexibility

  • Import/Export - IronCAD has a complete set of data translators that allow both facet and solid geometry to interchange with all leading systems.
  • Dual Kernel - IronCAD supports both the ACIS and Parasolid kernels simultaneously allowing the user to seamlessly switch between the two.
  • DFM - Direct Face Modeling (DFM) allows model modifications to be made irrespective of previous feature history or in cases where it does not even exist.


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