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The MPX-90 Photo Impact Printer quickly turns ordinary gifts and promotional items into cherished mementos. Create individualized gifts for any special occasion, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and graduations. Produce one-of-a-kind jewelry featuring family photos of children and pets. Add impact to business events with unique personalized awards.

A Complete Creative Solution

The MPX-90 is a complete solution that comes with everything required to start and run a successful business. Included easy-to-use METAZAStudio design software accepts artwork, design and photos from a variety of sources including digital cameras, mobile phones, jpg or bmp files, and common design files such as Adobe ai and eps.*2 With METAZAStudio, you can choose from a wide variety of TrueType fonts and wrap your text around an arched line or the contours of your design. METAZAStudio generates both single-stroke and fill fonts.  

No Special Training Required

The MPX-90 is extremely easy to setup and operate, even without professional engraving experience. Simply connect the MPX-90 to your computer using a USB cable and you're ready to begin. The system includes a center vise and adhesive pad to position items securely in place. A lowmaintenance device, the MPX-90 comes with a detailed instruction manual including directions for changing the head and other simple tasks. The MPX-90ís compact size makes it ideal for mall kiosks and jewelry stores alike.  

Fast and Convenient

The MPX-90 works quickly so your customers donít have to wait. Thirty percent faster than a traditional engraver, the MPX-90 imprinted this bookmark with 2mm text in well under a minute.  







  • MPX 90-Brochure   Size: 256 KB   [download]
  • MPX 90-Win7 (64bit) Driver   Size: 1.86 MB   [download]
  • MPX 90-WinXP (32bit) Driver   Size: 1.69 MB   [download]
  • MPX 90-Win7 (32bit) Driver   Size: 4.77 MB   [download]
  • MPX 90-Win7 (64bit) Driver   Size: 5.52 MB   [download]