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 A Complete Engraving Solution



With the new EGX-350 desktop engraver, you can easily expand your business by adding valuable personalized items to your product line. The EGX-350 quickly engraves a wide variety of materials right in your sign shop, engraving business or retail store. This highly versatile tool is remarkably easy to use and expertly engineered to produce sharp, precision text and graphics. A complete, compact solution, the EGX-350 comes with everything you need to get started. Bundled Roland EngraveStudio software offers advanced features including a new V-Carving mode which produces a hand-carved look, and a new engrave simulation function that saves time and materials by allowing you to preview your designs before engraving.


 Increase the Value of Your Products



With the EGX-350, you can create beautiful custom signs and nameplates for both indoor and outdoor display including storefront and directional signage. Turn ordinary gifts, awards, promotional items and padfolios or pens into treasured mementos by personalizing them with names, events or dates. You can even produce design templates for heat pressing rhinestones onto t-shirts, handbags and other apparel items. Select from a variety of supported materials including plastic, acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and wood. Unlike laser engravers, the EGX-350 preserves the original colors and textures of wood, brass and artificial marbles for a beautifully finished look.



 Easy to Use



The EGX-350 connects to your PC through a USB port and is extremely easy to setup and operate. An easy-navigation control panel is located away from the production area offering a clear view of the engraving table. The EGX-350 also features an automatic surface detector that automatically determines the height of the material (Z-zero) for quality engraving at a consistent depth.*1 An adjustable flip cover opens in two positions allowing efficient access to the engraved product. The brushless DC motor is highly durable for long-lasting performance, and the vacuum adapter attaches easily to the spindle to ensure clean operation.


 High-Quality Results



The EGX-350 is precision-engineered for performance with quality parts that minimize excess ovement and vibration from the device. As a result, the EGX-350 produces sharp, crisp text and graphics for reliable results time after time. New Roland EngraveStudio software delivers fine, craftsman-style workmanship for stunning engraved products that project hand-rendered beauty.

   Conventional Model    EGX-350

  Included Software  
  Roland EngraveStudio offers a variety of engraving depths that together produce a truly hand-carved look. Preview your designs on screen through the engraving simulation function that presents both the tool path and anticipated results prior to engraving. Import designs from Adobe Illustrator*2 (ai and eps) and CorelDraw (eps)*3 for precision text and graphics. Roland EngraveStudio is compatible with Windows® 2000/XP and Windows VistaTM.


   Center vise ZV-23C

Loadable material using jig for nameplate:
152mm(X) x 148mm (Y), and 35mm (H)
Loadable material using jig for either pen or tube:
90mm(X) x 146mm(Y), and Max 20mm thick

   T-slot table ZTT-35

Table size:
305mm(X) x 230mm(Y)
355mm(W) x 230mm(D) x 40mm(H)

   Vacuum table   ZV-23A

Table size:
305mm(X) x 230mm(Y)
Loads material up to 35mm thick. Requires installation of a vacuum pump before use.

   Universal Vise  


Table size:
305mm(X) x 230mm(Y)
Able to clip up namecards and pen,even odd shape items.

Demo. Just Click The Link:

EGX-350 Demo 1

EGX-350 Demo 2

EGX-350 Demo "Engrave Plastic"

EGX-350 Demo "Engrave Aluminium"



  • EGX-350   Size: 822 KB   [download]
  • Single Line Fonts for Dr.Engrave   Size: 40 KB   [download]
  • EH Single Line Fonts   Size: 31 KB   [download]
  • EGX350-WinXP (32 bit) driver   Size: 619 KB   [download]
  • EGX350-WinXP (64 bit) driver   Size: 774 KB   [download]
  • EGX350-Win7 (32 bit) driver   Size: 13.02 MB   [download]
  • EGX350-Win7 (64 bit) driver   Size: 14.90 MB   [download]
  • EGX-350 User Manual   Size: 2.46 MB   [download]